Our commitment to hospitality and love of our local territory of the Apennines are the elements that bring you this exclusive 18 rooms “Villa delle Fate” Hotel; thought for those who wish to escape from every day routine and capture time to get back to nature and have a relaxing pleasant vacation. 

A charming and delightful “fairy-tale” universe that will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Fascinated by the captivating legend of the Gadella fairy from Sestola, we offer you a magic touch at the Villa delle Fate Hotel.

 Each room is dedicated to a fairy, from the most celebrated fairy tales and legends to the keepers of nature and adorned with artistic and decorative elements that represent these wonderful creatures and their magical power.

 Look for more excitement and magic; give your little ones the good night with “The Magic tales of Villa delle Fate” booklet, containing the stories of the 18 fairies of our hotel and that you can bring at home at the end of your stay.

Enriched with light, spacious rooms, modern interiors of natural woodwork furnishings define the style of our hotel, embraced by the beauty and warmth of the impressive outer surroundings. 

Our staff will make you feel at home and award you with a long-lasting emotion to remember.

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